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Medical Advantage

Medical Advantage has over two decades of proven success as a consultant and advisor for physicians’ practices, practice groups, and other healthcare entities. Our deep experience in value-based healthcare combined with hands-on coaching drives meaningful improvement in patient care and health outcomes while attaining optimal financial performance for the practice.

Paul MacLellan
Our Mission is to simplify the
delivery of efficient, high
quality healthcare

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Our Services

Practice transformation consulting

Through our hands-on partnership, we educate and train medical practices on how to make small changes to their operations for improvements in clinical and financial performance. Leveraging our proven tools and methodologies based on over 25 years working inside physician practices, we enable our clients to focus on care delivery while we re-engineer the practice to ensure both providers and plans get the data they need to optimize performance in quality metrics, risk adjustment programs, and medical loss ratios.

EHR consulting

Our certified teams apply an experienced point-of-view to your EHR and deliver ongoing support to meet your unique needs. Our consultants have a unique blend of deep EHR technology expertise, combined with a thoughtful knowledge of how practices operate. From EHR interface improvements and 1:1 staff training, to customized reports, our consultants help clients achieve the highest ROI.

Telehealth consulting

We help you quickly launch and operationalize a telehealth program that engages patients and simplifies virtual patient visits–minimizing patient and caregiver exposure, and ensuring your patients receive the care they need, while your healthcare professionals remain HIPAA compliant and able to be reimbursed for their services.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Proven Model. We deploy a mix of virtual plus hands-on in-practice approaches to enable change, technology, and success in value-based care.

Physician-Centric Approach. We strengthen the physician and payer partnership and meet a practice where they are in the journey to value-based care.

We Know Value-Based Care. We have a 20+ year track-record in maximizing clinical and financial performance in value-based care programs and a set of expertise that spans health plans, health systems and medical practices.

Proven ROIs. Our unique value proposition allows us to create wins for both health plans and delivery systems. Coupled with a strong level of credibility with practices, we move costs down and quality up with double digit improvements for both large and small clients.

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